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WARNING!  This comic contains graphic depiction of gore and violence.




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What's Changed in Lad the Impaler v.2016?

(contains spoilers)


I'm not a fan of artists, including movie directors, making major revisions to their old work of in an effort to improve it.

No CG Banthas have been added and no weapons have been replaced with walkie talkies.

Despite Lad the Impaler being over a decade old and not nearly as visually impressive as my modern comics, I've made no changes to the visuals.


Sure, I can find hundreds of imperfections, some embarrassingly bad, but I'd rather leave the 2004 comic intact

as best as possible as a representation of my skills (or lack thereof) at the time.


So what has changed?  Well, nothing that modifies the story in any major way.


Datton was not created with the intent of making several stories.

In fact, it was only decided to let him survive while making the fifth and final chapter of Lad the Impaler.


The first two chapters, told in past tense, references specific years, spanning about 16 years, making Anthony and Taylor nearly 30 years old by the time they meet Datton.

While this may not have been an issue if Lad the Impaler was a stand-alone tale, the addition of the 2nd and later

Datton comics further explore the character Taylor who befriends our brave paladin.

From Mouth of the Beholder, forward, Taylor is meant to be about the same age as Datton, hence the problem with the timeline in Impaler.


I have revised the first two chapters of Lad the Impaler, removing any reference to a specific year or an extended passage of time.

In the updated Lad the Impaler, now considered canon, only about one year passes from start to end.


I've renamed the first to chapters to distinguish them from the older versions.

"Kids Can Be Cruel" is now titled "Bullies Beware"

"Two Betrayals" is now titled "Double Trouble"


Has anything else changed?


I've fixed a few typos and grammatical errors, nothing major.

Also, I've modified the 5 chapter covers so they all use the basic 4:3 ratio.


ALL of Lad the Impaler is now free.

Go get yours now!

And, if you already have it, at least download the comic for the revised chapters 1 and 2 and the updated covers.




Lad the Impaler

revised version 2016





(contains spoilers)



The comic's title comes from Prince Vlad III who is also known as Vlad the Impaler.



The movie Monster Squad (which you should go see it you haven't already) features

a vampire leading a gang of other monsters such as a mummy and wolfman.

This inspired the idea of Anthony leading a gang of monsters in my comic.



Originally, Datton was not meant to survive and there were no plan for further tales with any character from Lad the Impaler.

No good deed would have gone unpunished when Taylor (whom Datton earlier spared) mauled and devoured the young paladin at the end.

It was not until I was creating the final chapter that I decided to leave the ending open for future stories.



The image used for the cover of the 3rd chapter is a parody of Kill Bill's first poster.



  Lad the Impaler has two different protagonists.

Anthony for chapters 1 and 2 and Datton for chapters 3, 4, and 5.



The chess game between Anthony and his pet shows a legit position and checkmate, however the board is backwards.

The rule is "white on right" (right corner should be a white square).



The original title was Trick or Eat 2:  Lad the Impaler.  The first cover made is shown above.

Around the time I was working on the 3rd and 4th chapters, I decided to drop the "Trick or Eat" name and just keep "Lad the Impaler" for a variety of reasons.

Other than the being in the Halloween genre, Lad the Impaler had nothing to do with Trick or Eat and I wanted to make a new story with Baba Yaga.

Trick or Eat 1.5 was created to bridge the two comics.



Kyle and Brett, originally just quick-kill fodder characters, were used in their own series of time-traveling comics.

It's possible that the events they experience in Lad the Impaler take place after the duo make it back home, but I leave that up to the imagination of the reader.



I only had Lad the Impaler files backed up on old 700 MB CDs.

Many files on discs 3 and 4 were corrupt, but, luckily I was able to salvage everything I needed for the revisions.



Chapter 1

Lad the Impaler, specifically the 2nd chapter, was the first Wunder Comic for sale.

As of September, 2016 it is free in its entirety.

Go get yourself a copy!




New and Updated Character Profile


Finally, after all this time, Tilly gets her own profile image and page.









Anthony, Daymi, Jaymi, and Baby have new profile images and updated profiles.  Datton and Taylor were also recently updated.




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