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New Cover

New Character Profiles







Space Cadets 3 was made alongside Savage Goblins Prefer Blonds and is the 2nd comic made in the Phase 2 style / resolution.


Cadets 3 continued the look and feel of its predecessor and continues the stories of both Richmond and Licehair.

Admiral Licehair takes a cadet training facility hostage and Richmond and his comrades come to the rescue.








Cadet Laguna

Laguna was introduced in Cadets 3 (being Rank Red at the time).

Though at the time I didn't have any specific plots for future Space Cadet comics in mind,

I had intended for Laguna to survive and be the main character in Space Cadets 4.

This eventually happened, though it was nearly 8 years later.

In-story, only about a year passes between Cadets 3 and 4.



Unused Cover

Above is the first cover I created for Cadets 3, which wasn't used.

Yro'Vi was replaced with Richmond in the final draft.

In hindsight, Richmond and Yro'Vi both should have been featured on the cover and the bimbo firing a laser should have been removed.

This has been rectified with the 2018 cover!





New Cover



New cover for 2018.

I kept the same basic look but re-made the scene with updated uniforms and used my modern stylized look.

Yro'Vi put on the cover as he deserves!


Space Cadets 2 covers.  Original (2008) vs new (2018).





New and Updated Character Profiles




New profiles for Yro'Vi and Licehair.

Updated entries for Richmond and Laguna.








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